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2023 Community Calendar

Our community calendar is now on sale. 

The Calendar features some amazing ACC images taken throughout last year in our races & submitted by our community.

25% of profits will be donated to the Mind Charity!

Online Store

The InGear Motorsport merch store has a number of suitably ‘Orange’ items available! Go check it out now!

Friendly Motorsport and Sim Racing Community

InGear Motorsport is a fun, laid back group who organise various events (sim racing and the occasional real world meet up too!) for our community to enjoy. Mostly in iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione on PC, however some members also play F1 23, Rocket League and Assetto Corsa. We also create motorsport related content on our social channels with real racing drivers giving tips and advice. 

Our community Discord allows members to have a say on future events, create their own custom liveries in game for sim race events and find like minded people to play with. All skill levels are currently welcome, however certain events may be restricted. We have regular fun race open nights and our livestreamed league races take place live on twitch every Tuesday evening.


We have a race controller for each of our races and and a strong focus on clean, fair racing. Regular or serious offenders will be banned to keep it fun for those racing fairly.


Follow our various social channels below for shoutouts, tags and get involved in the community discussions.


If you miss our live streams check out our InGear Motorsport youtube channel for race highlights, driving tips and more.

Contact us

The best way to chat with us is by joining our community discord (link at the top of the page). However you can email us at and we will do our best to respond asap.